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Private Label Dog Treats and Private Label Dog Hard Treats with   Supplements. Natural Organic Non GMO Private Label Dog Cat Horse treats.  

Private Label Pet Treats

Natural, Vegan, and Organic dog, cat horse treats without chemicals.

Beneficial, Nutritional, & Healthy

We have over 2,000 formulas ready. You can also develop your own custom made product to suit your market goals.

Custom Made To Order.


Low 600 jar MOQ for most private label dog treats, cat and horse treats.

We manufacture dog and cat supplements such as, pet soft teat chews, powder food toppers, dental sticks for dogs and horses.

We have your private label dog, cat, horse treats with supplements as a turn key and affordable, fast to market manufacturer.

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Cat Feeding

Together we can make something great happen!

We Supply to over 50 distributors who sell on Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and Chewy. 

Our Private Label dog treats, and private label dog treat supplement buyers have

more #1 ribbon awards from Amazon than our next two competitors combined. 


We have a seller that is rated by as the number one dog probiotic in 

the USA, and we have four other private label dog probiotic sellers in the top 50 in the USA. We ship more Private Label dog probiotics and private label pet supplements to Amazon FBA's globally than any other competitor.

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Discover Our Private Label Dog Treats. Soft treats with Nutritional Benefits.

All Private Label dog, horse and cat treats and food toppers are custom made to order so you are not selling the same the competition is. Gain your market advantage.

47 Active ingredients to choose.

Hand crafted soft chews with nutritional benefits. 

Create formulas with wild Alaskan Salmon oil. Biotin, Vitamins B-1,B-6, B-12 C and E and much more.

Amazon has awarded 6 of our

                  Private Label buyers 8 number one ribbons.                               

Now that is Winning x 8. Got it!

No other supplier to Amazon FBA has achieved this much opportunity for the good of YOUR

Private Label.

             Increase your potential profit opportunity with us.                         We speak Amazon globally and can prove it.

Private label dog treats| Private label dog food topper supplements
Private label dog treats

If you can build a pizza, you can build your custom dog, cat, horse treat or supplement. We take the science out of it so you are in full control. MTO Made To Order Custom Made for your goals. 


What are you waiting for? Let's get started.

Your Success is Our Business!, Michael



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We look forward to a conversation and possibly working on your private label dog treats, private label pet supplements, private label dog probiotics, private label cat treats, private label dog hip and joint and now private label dog dental sticks with nutrition packed in them. We even have private label horse treats and supplements. We are a private label dog and pet supplement manufacturer with clients just like you looking for a competitive edge in products, knowledge and opportunities world wide. We manufacture in the USA and offices are in Tampa Florida and FBA shipping into Amazon worldwide. Take a moment and click any of the buttons to one of our private label pet, dog or horse equine probiotic sites. Get started today, now and increase your income, lifestyle, and join with other like minded individuals sharing and earning on line, in retail, and on Ebay and Amazon. 

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         Amazon FBA USA Private label pet supplements  to Canada, Europe, Japan, Germany, UK, China, and Australia.

                                                                                                 Visit us in Tampa Florida 

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